Black Friday: Real Deals or Marketing Fluff?

It’s another year of Black Friday mania, but is this all a benefit for the consumer … or retailer?

With all the advertising that is going on, you would think most retailers are giving away stuff for free. However, in terms of consumer bargains, lots of the deals don’t really seem to deliver.

Buyers Beware

I’m sure there are a few steals to be had, but in general, buyers should beware. Money Saving Expert and Which? (the consumer rights site) have both reported that some deals are not as good as advertised. Last year, Which? published a study reporting that over 50% of “Black Deals” had been the same price or cheaper earlier in the year.

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Game, set, MUG – and where’s The Open!!!

Having just come back from one of the practice days at The Open I can’t help feel disappointed that many of us won’t be able to watch it live on TV. For those that are interested but don’t have Sky we have to settle for a compilation of highlights late in the evening. Why have those that are supposed to be guardians of the sport hidden it away? Continue reading “Game, set, MUG – and where’s The Open!!!”

Competing for audiences


Hey, did you see the cycling World Cup a few weeks ago? It was great to watch Britain continue to take gold medals: five in total. Even more exciting to witness the stars of tomorrow, such as the 21-year-old Emily Kay, stepping into the lime light, while some of our Olympians were taking a well-earned rest.

But to me there was something else to take note of. The sport’s governing body was experimenting with new race formats specifically design to excite the audience. Their objective, no doubt, to fire up potential new entrants to the sport. A much-needed task for the golf industry.
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Merchandising, Facebook and a tidy shop

Phone Facebook

I spend quite a lot of times in shops. In our line of business it’s a good thing to do.

Some people ask me what makes a good store. While there is no silver bullet I do think a good store makes the target customer want to buy (and makes a profit). To some that might sound like a bit of a cop out but the reality is that should be exactly what every retailer is trying to achieve. How they achieve that will be very different from target customer to target customer but it often comes down to the merchandising.
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Did President Elect, Mr Trump win by identifying his target customer?

Well its been an interesting few months and non more so with the US Presidential election. Most of the pundits were expecting the status quo to be maintained with the second tranche of the Clinton dynasty. However Mr Trump had different ideas, kicking in the White house door and shaking up the whole US political landscape.


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Don’t be rubbish. Be awesome.

Phil - world 008

I don’t like the term ‘rubbish’ because it’s very negative – but it’s one of those words that are easy to say and there isn’t any doubt about its meaning. It’s very easy to be rubbish at something. Most people can be very good at it without lifting a finger. In fact, for many people not doing anything makes you really rubbish at something!

A friend of mines favourite expression is there is only one failure in life – the failure to participate. I think it’s a great expression and one that’s very true.
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