First post – being brave

Phil - skiing 006

Feeling a bit scared. Sitting here hovering over my keyboard trying to work out what to write. What the heck am I doing trying to write a blog? “I hate writing don’t I?”. Why bother? There are squillions of blogs out there, what could I possibly add?

Don’t do it, don’t give yourself the stress, don’t create yourself problems or feedback or other stuff to do – stay safe.

But safe is dull, safe is boring. No one likes boring. Where’s the fun going to be had, where’s the excitement?

Be brave – that stops you being scared, that gets things done, makes things happen. That’s not boring. So I will scare myself on a regular basis and then be brave and write some stuff. Hopefully I can make something that someone out there will want to read. Numbers, thoughts and ideas.

And if not – who cares – nothing to be scared of.

So let’s be brave!