Resource planning 101: Part 3 – Staff


Time to stir the grey matter with the third in our series of resource planning articles.

So far each part has looked at one of three scarce resources to any retail business –  Cash, Space and now we move on to consider staffing.

Remember the objective of these blogs are not to give you finite answers but to give you food for thought while the shop is less busy.
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Resource Management 101: Part 1 – Cash

Phil - golf 004We’re now well into winter and there is a definite chill in the air. As a result, there are few golfers out on the course or more importantly, in the shop. So, is this the time to settle back and take a break? The answer is no. It’s the time to review this 2016’s successes and (more importantly) this 2016’s failures to plan for the future with consideration of any lessons learnt.
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