Phil - world 007

Phil Barnard – Chairman of Crossover Technologies & Partner at Golf Datatech


Phil has been working in the Golf industry for 20 years. Now he is willing to share some of his industry insights (and other thoughts!) via this blog.

Phil began by developing his own point-of-sale system, which he sold to a small number of Pro Shops. Over the next two decades this business expanded to support over 20 employees who now provide software and services to over a thousand retailers. These customers are based in more than ten countries, all around the world.

We are much more than software providers. We also provide our retail customers with valuable knowledge and insight that helps them to drive their businesses forward through our retail training and industry data services.


During the expansion of his original business Phil also co-founded another – Golf Datatech Europe.

Golf Datatech provides the golf industry with specialized market research covering retail sales, inventory, pricing and distribution, along with consumer attitude and usage studies and strategic sales and marketing consulting.


You can find out more about Phil’s companies via the links below:


Golf Datatech





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