Did President Elect, Mr Trump win by identifying his target customer?

Well its been an interesting few months and non more so with the US Presidential election. Most of the pundits were expecting the status quo to be maintained with the second tranche of the Clinton dynasty. However Mr Trump had different ideas, kicking in the White house door and shaking up the whole US political landscape.


I have talked a lot about why retailers need to identify their target customers.  This got me thinking. Is Mr Trumps win a great example of this? 

I think it might be. After the result I heard an interesting statement by a commentator that I think gives some good insight.

“The white working class is the largest sub-segment of the US population, more than 4 in 10, and the establishment has ignored them for years.  Donald Trump tapped into their numbers and struck a nerve, showed them that they could be heard, whether they were a Democrat or Republican, he talked to them.”

Many of the political pundits had focused on the Black, Hispanic and Asian communities with their analysis, but none of those sub segments make up more than 15% of the population. Mr Trumps team targeted the largest identifiable group (target customers) and gave them what they wanted – the promise of change.

So whether you agree with him or not, he achieved his goals – he got the top job. He did it by focusing on a target group of voters/customers and got them to buy in to his message.

Perhaps he is a lot smarter than people gave him credit for.

Just a thought…

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